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Imagine living in a flexible and balanced body that is free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress. Imagine living in a body at ease with itself and able to meet life’s physical, mental, and emotional challenges…This is what you can expect from receiving Rolfing® Structural Integration.

Rolfing Structural Integration was created by biochemist and physicist, Dr. Ida P. Rolf as a passionate vision to evolve human potential. In addition to improving posture and relieving chronic pain, Dr. Rolf was intent on increasing vitality and feelings of well-being in her clients. Her unique vision continually informs us, over half a century later, how genetics, trauma, habit and culture all shape the human body and that each person’s shape or structure constitutes their personal history.

In my Rolfing sessions, we will study your structure’s history via:

  • Movement analysis (identifying both structural limitations and postural opportunities).

  • Using new, gentle and skill-based blends of manual techniques to lessen soft tissue restrictions in the various fascial layers; Releasing, balancing and realigning the structures with gravity.

  • Re-educating you on how to use your new posture with less effort and how to maintain better, balanced alignment for years to come.

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