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Gina's Reviews

Theresa B.
Review of Gina Kilgus Gina is amazing.  Her new place is lovely.  I love how she works.  I do massage therapy and I learn so much from her.  We can talk shop.
She has been working with hips and know where to go to release the muscles that has the twisting on one of them.  My muscles were so tight that I could not even stretch them out, she saved me.  Thanks Gina so much, my back and hips has more flexibility.  See you in a month.    Theresa
Lori A.
I've been a patient of Gina's for over 7 years and am finally writing a review. Not because she isn't amazing but because I just didn't take the time. But the truth is, Gina is amazing. She has a uncanny sense of how the body works and knows just where to work it. She is patient, listens intently and always tries to address your unique needs. I have recommended multiple friends and family members and plan to continue working with Gina as long as I can! If that doesn't prove how good she is, and how much I trust and value her, then I don't know what does!
Bob W.
Gina is a lifesaver.  As a practicing retinal surgeon, I find myself contorting my body in so many different angles in order to examine and treat my patients.  After a decade, my body has said enough is enough.  With frequent lower back spasms and lower extremity stiffness, I found it more and more challenging to move around often leading to nightly ice packs and Advil.  Upon the recommendation of my wife, I had my first assessment with Gina.  Like any astute health care provider, she was attentive, inquisitive, and informative of how rolfing could be helpful.  For nearly 2 hours, she worked on my body from head to toe releasing releasing stiff and calcified muscle attachments, ligaments, and tendons from bones.  I won't lie, it hurt.  But the immediate relief was incredible.  I've had 5 sessions now and the dramatic improvement is noticable.  Not only does she improve the function of your body, but she teaches you strategies on how to maintain what we worked on at each session.  While seeing patients, I've kept in mind posture, large muscle and fine muscle movements.  I rarely need advil and ice.  One more thing, my golf swing has better rotation and each club has given me 10 to 20 extra yards!  I hope this review is helpful, but please don't get TOO BUSY that I can't get in. Thank you Gina- you're a life saver!!!
Anne T.
This review is long overdue- me having just passed my 2 year anniversary working with Gina. I could write all the usual words we use everyday- "amazing" "awesome" "fabulous" etc., but that would not nearly express what I feel. From my first appointment, the word that I have used over and over again is merely "profound." She has eased aches and pain from my everyday life, found and erased my body's long held patterns of dis-function, and enabled better breathing and posture to help me into the future. After each session, I marvel at how my body has remembered how to move and how I can see changes in the mirror- changes that LAST and build upon each other. After yesterday's session, I can't get over how easy and free-moving my back is as I walk. Somehow it put me in mind of being a kid again so I can't stop smiling. She is very intuitive and empathic. Her commitment to her work is complete and her level of both experience and knowledge are impressive. I appreciate that she involves me in the process- by listening to my experience of the work, as well as actively recruiting me to move and breathe as she works. If you have the chance to work with Gina, I cannot urge you more strongly to do so.
Joe B.
Fantastic still, I've been seeing Gina for several years now and can't thank her enough. She's always finding the issues and creating space for them to be resolved. I don't pretend to understand the complete process but I'm grateful to be a client. Thanks again!
Gwen D.
Gina Kilgus is the quintessential professional. I look forward to taking my 'out of balance' self to see her session after session.  When I describe my issue she assesses the situation and guides my muscles, joints, whole self to relax into the appointment and come out on the other side = taller, stronger and feeling harmony throughout my whole self again, balance restored with homework to further strengthening and developing new good habits. I recommend her with my whole heart, she's very knowledgable and terrific at articulating beneficial habits tailored for each client.
Mark C.
I've been to several Rolfers over 13 years. Gina is my fav. I love the way I feel after a session with her. She has been vital to maintaining a well rested pain free life.
Emily H.
I can't speak highly enough about Gina's expertise. I am completing my tenth session soon and my body is so, so much more aligned, stronger, and more comfortable than it has been since I was in my teens. This was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Thank you, Gina!
Emily H.
The difference Gina has made in my physical comfort level can't be overstated. I feel amazing, stand up straighter, and have more capacity for activity! I cannot speak highly enough of her skill and she's a lovely person too!
Regan D.
Gina is awesome.  Very knowledgeable and a joy to work with.  I love her approach to solving discomforts in the body, takes the the giver and the receiver working together to heal.  Rolfing is amazing and Gina is great.  Fun to talk anatomy and theory with and also have her help me feel into my own body on a deeper level.  You are missing out if you don't get on her schedule.
Marie T.
I really am enjoying Gina 's rolfing . My posture is changing , I can walk straighter, I am not stiff in the hips when I walk . I feel my breathe is better , and have more energy . I feel more alert. The night before I go to rolfing I weigh myself and so far I have lost 2 lbs after rolfing .It has happen everytime after every session. It's crazy.
Sandi S.
I can breathe! After a lifetime of sub-par energy levels and trying all types of dietary and bodywork remedies, Gina unlocked my rib cage. I now have greater breathing capacity. I sensed a restriction in my chest, but I didn't know that my ribs were in lock-down mode. After visit five of the ten-session series, I have more energy after my work day, I can run with full oxygen exchange and I can finally access heart-opening yoga poses without the pain from restricted shoulders, ribs and breath. In addition to higher quality of breath, Gina has worked out knots in my feet, upper back and hips. I am very grateful for her intuitive, professional style and eager to discover the benefits of the next five sessions.
Joan G.
Rolfing can be (but doesn't have to be) painful, but it sticks, unlike massage. Massage is just as expensive, but you have to go regularly and the effects wear off quickly. Rolfing isn't like that. I love it. It really does make it easier to move in your body. Gina is exceedingly good, too. I've seen half a dozen Rolfers and she tops the list.
Richard N.
I rarely if ever write a review for anything or anybody but I have been going to see Gina for well over 2 years and physically I feel so much better and always look forward to my visits (I am a regular). My back, shoulders and areas never been worked on before have alleviated both pain and discomfort. She is a wonderful person and great at her job that I have recommended her to friends and family. Rolfing is perfect for those sitting long hours at a desk and/or playing sports like tennis. A deserved 5 star consistent rating.
Mark C.
I have only had 4 sessions so far, but it has already improved my structure significantly!  My planter fasciitis is gone as well as most of my shoulder pain.  I am excited to keep improving!
Michelle N.
Gina is a talented therapist. I just completed the 10-series, and I am in awe of the service she has provided. She is warm, intuitive, and responsive. I recommend anyone experiencing discomfort or pain to see her. You will not be disappointed. Take care of yourself and visit Gina.
Jennifer D.
Gina is fantastic! I'm a massage therapist and, not coincidentally, a big fan of receiving bodywork. I've had many different kinds of bodywork, but I had never tried Rolfing and was really curious. I read so many great things about Gina online and decided to give her a call. She's very warm and friendly and clearly knows a lot about the body - I trusted her right away. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but it didn't matter because she explained everything really thoroughly. I had heard that rolfing was supposed to be very painful, but Gina's touch was very gentle while still being effective - not at all the tearful experience I had prepared myself for!

She did postural assessment/testing before, during and after the work and I was able to feel a difference immediately - I had more range of motion and felt more aligned and comfortable in my body. She gave me tips for sitting, standing and walking healthily and I noticed the greatest improvement in the days following my treatment as I implemented all of the many things I learned. I was so impressed that I kept coming back until I had finished all 10 sessions.
Linda T.
I am just finishing up with my 10 sessions and I have never felt better.  I came to Gina because of foot pain which is is now gone.  I also find I am breathing much deeper,sleeping better and feeling more grounded in my body.  It has been a great experience, not only physically, but mentally as well.  I highly recommend Gina and Rolfing!
Ramona H.
More benefit!  I am going back for more.
Ramona H.
Session six and more relief !  Gina knows what to do.
Ron S.
Gina is amazing.  I wasn't sure what to expect with Rolfing Gina exceeded all of my expectations.  Working with Gina is comfortable, she has a great sense of humor and quickly put me at ease.  I injured my left forearm 30 years ago and have limited ability to rotate my hand.  one session with Gina and she added almost 10 degrees of motion.  WOW  She also found out I broke my tail bone even though I had forgotten to mention that injury.
I will be completing the basic ten series with her and will happily send my fiancé to her for lower back pain
Ramona H.
I am thrilled to be free of neck pain at last!
Ramona H.
I appreciate Gina's serenity and the serenity of her studio.  Looking forward to my next session.
Ramona H.
Had third session this week and am eagerly waiting for next one.  Gina is really helping me.
Ramona H.
In my first session with Gina, she managed to make my neck and shoulders stop aching.  I can hardly wait for the magic of more sessions!  It was my lucky day when I found her on the web.  Thank you, Gina. 
Greg A.
Gina is a true professional and is very skilled at her craft. I always look forward to my appointment with Gina, it's a highlight of my week!
Hector G.
Awesome!  Awesome!  Awesome!  That is the only way I can describe the work that Gina does.  I have injuries all over my body from my time in the Army and from years of lifting weights.  I've just completed three sessions and I feel amazing!  One thing that I have noticed after each session is how incredibly relaxed my body feels.  It's a wonderful feeling!  I would highly recommend Gina to anyone who is in pain and is seeking relief.
Steve A.
I'm from Pennsylvania and was in dire need of a vacation and a good rolfer. Austin was awesome and Gina was truly amazing. I couldn't have found a better rolfer anywhere!!! Endless gratitude to you Gina for your dedication,kindness, and wisdom.
Joan G.
Gina is very good at her craft, and committed to growing her skill set.  She's super-dedicated to helping her clients function better in their bodies.   A rolfing session with her relative to getting most any other massage I have gotten is a no-contest superior value.  Living in your body after a couple of sessions with her is a lot more enjoyable.
Anne C.
Gina is really great.  My body no longer feels like I'm 60 years old.  I was in pretty bad shape when I first saw her and now I feel 100% better.   She's really knowledgeable and is interested in getting to the root of the problem.  She helped me so much.  Thanks Gina! :-)
Amanda L.
Gina is amazing. I started out looking for physical therapy after injuring myself running. I was only on my fourth run/walk couch to 5k when I strained my left MCL and right ankle. I was worried that I might just have to give up on running if I couldn't even manage a slow buildup program. Gina's name came up on my search and, after doing some research on Rolfing, I knew this is what I wanted. After only two sessions, my body feels completely different! My shoulders and hips feel more open. My neck feels longer. People at work noticed that I was moving around more easily. I have already pointed three people Gina's way. I'm so excited and I feel so much better already. I can't wait for my next session!
Joseph B.
Gina is amazing! I've had some back issues for along time and she has uncovered the problem and then some. I'm very impressed with her dedication to her job and willingness to get to the root of the issues with a very positive attitude. It's been much more than I expected and I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in have this done. :)
Michael C.
I was in a bicycle accident 6 years ago and really messed up my back and hips. After years of seeing chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, applied kinesiologists and sports rehab facilities, none of the treatments seemed to address the root cause and my symptoms would return shortly after these sessions. I stumbled upon rolfing in a sports medicine article and called Gina for an appointment. WOW!!! This is the relief I've been searching for. She treated spots on my entire body in our first session that had been stuck and hurt for years, and no other bodyworker had been able to address. Our second session was just as productive and life changing, and I feel better than I have in years. And we're not even done! I'm really looking forward to our future sessions. Gina is intuitive, a true healer and understands the body very well. If you suffer from any sort of structural or muscular chronic pain, I highly recommend Gina's rolfing work.
Robert C.
Gina is an outstanding bodywork professional. I have been to many over the years, yet Gina is powerfully different - each visit complements the last. She is powerful, intuitive and focused on improving your foundation so that you may stand taller, feel stronger and all the while...alleviating chronic pain. She carries my highest recommendation.
Lourdes S.
I have had chronic pain for over 10 years and have probably had every type of treatment/therapy there is.  Rolfing has by far been the best therapy that has provided significant relief.  I have been to 3 other rolfers beside Gina and I can honestly say that Gina is one of the best.  I also love her availability (weekends) and especially that I can book my appointment online.  She is a wonderful therapist.
Andrew P.
Gina did a fantastic job addressing the specific issues I wanted to work on, and showed an incredible degree of knowledge about the human body. She was able to spot the unique muscular issues which were causing my problems, and went right to work on them.

After one session I can already feel significant improvements.

I highly recommend her services.
Sowmya C.

Yes, that is what it felt like after my first Rolfing session with Gina.  

Why? Well, I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain for the past 12 years, but that doesn't deter me from running/training for marathons.  Runners would know what I am talking about when I associate this activity with pain and soreness.  So, I went for my first Rolfing session on a Sunday evening and then next morning had a 5-mile run scheduled.  I thoroughly surprised myself by running non-stop, faster and WITHOUT any pain or soreness.  After my second Rolfing session, I was able to run non-stop for 10 miles.  Knowing me...(I HAD to take walk breaks every half mile before)...this is an unbelievable feat!  I have now completed 5 sessions of Rolfing and haven't felt better!  Not only during runs, but also doing general day-to-day activities.  I regret having waited so long to try this therapy.  

And Gina is AWESOME!  I have known her for three years now (through numerous massage sessions before I submitted to Rolfing), and she definitely has thorough knowledge in her field of expertise.  She constantly shares her wisdom which has helped me become more conscious of my postures through out the day.  Now, even those long hours of sitting in front of the the computer doing my day job doesn't leave me with stiff shoulders and back.

I would highly recommend going for a Rolfing session with Gina irrespective of your level of activity.  Best gift you can give yourself! :)

Thanks Gina - for working your magic!
Summer B.
I am so impressed by Gina's knowledge and work. I came to her with a new injury due to running an increased mileage. The injury was new but the the pain was familiar because I have experienced it in the past when I tried to run long distances. She is taking the time to get to the root of of the problem and much to my amazement I am already having relief! A running buddy of mine referred me to her and I am so glad he did!
Bruce J.
Gina is terrific. My second rolfing session just happened to fall a day or two before I took off on a trip to the mountains, two days driving - and for the first time in I don't know how many years I experienced NO pain in my back from sitting in a car for extended periods. I'm only a third of the way through the ten-sessions, and I feel terrific. I did a few rolfing sessions with another therapist twenty-odd years ago, and it was great, but never completed the whole course because I didn't think I could afford it - but the difference I'm feeling in my body these days is priceless. I'm fifty nine years old, and I feel better than ever, have started doing yoga every morning, and I look forward to every rolfing session. Rock on, Gina - highest marks!
Laird B.
Gina is an amazing practitioner who has the ability to address structural problems in me that have eluded many other practitioners. Having received many forms of massage from many different practitioners, I can say that to date Gina definitely stands out from the rest.  

One does not get the sense that this is just "a job" for her, but that she deeply cares about helping her clients and effectively blends natural talent, focused intention, and years of experience to effect lasting change.  While deep massage work is often intense, there is something about Gina's technique which somehow seems to temper the intesity with a soothing, peaceful energy which takes the edge off and facilitates greater relaxation.  

During a recent visit, Gina was able to quickly locate and release tension in my right hip which was has eluded many other practitioners for years.  I highly recommend her as the practitioner of choice to address alignment issues.
Justin B.
Gina has helped me via structural body work and education. She really dove into all the challenges that my pains and my lack of self awareness presented. I believe that the frequency and severity of episodes of pain have been reduced. Through the educational efforts, I sit differently at work, and am more aware of how I move. I can even "feel the floor" as I walk now sometimes, rather than always walking on the outside edges of my feet--something I didn't even realize that I was doing!
David K.
I've been working with Gina for a few months now, and I have nothing but good things to say. I was living with pain due to an old injury, but I've seen constant improvement ever since I started working with her.

The best part is that, like a fine whiskey, Gina continues to get better with time. She takes classes, studies new techniques, and hones her skills like a true professional.

Kian's Reviews

Kurt B.
Kian is the 3rd Rolfer I've worked with and the best one yet. He works at a very deep level (which is what I need) but does so in a way that works with my body, not against it. I've only done 5 sessions but I'm already starting to feel more aligned and relief from chronic pain.
Tracy A.
I am on session 6 of 10 with Kian. I have had an amazing transformation physically, mentally, and spiritually. He is a true healer, that is enabling me to restore my 42 yr old body to it's original state of health. As a long time athlete, I can feel and see a tremendous difference in every movement. Many old injuries no longer cause pain that have been there many years! I am very grateful to have found such an open-minded and caring healer! I would recommend him to everyone I know. I can tell that the impact this has made on my life is healthier and more beneficial than a team of doctors or any surgery. If you are looking to upgrade your DNA, this is the way to go!!
Rhett S.
Kian has a unique gift for assisting with acute pain as well as helping to realign chronic imbalance - very impressive!
Maureen U.
Kian is amazing! He has such a wonderful touch and really knows what he is doing. I am so looking forward to our next sessions. He is patient, has such a calm positive aura that makes it easy to be comfortable during the sessions. Overall, really great experience and will definitely recommend to everyone. Try Rolfing with Kian and your body will thank you for it.
Maria B.
I had a great experience with Kian. He is professional, kind, and extremely strong! I appreciated the way he explained everything to me and checked in with me frequently. He made me feel comfortable and at ease. My pain was definitely reduced after one session and my posture is a little better, too. Looking forward to completing the whole series--I highly recommend Kian.
Gerri H
Excellent rolfing session. I am not new to Rolfing. Kian was personable, kind, and very knowledgeable. I left feeling better and more open. Thanks Kian
Hallie E.
Kian is an amazing human and healer. He is kind, attentive, trustowrthy, intuitive and caring. I had a great session with him and highly recommend him! Rolfing is so powerful especially when done by someone like Kian
Mary H.
Nothing but great things to say! Kian is awesome! Very warm person and able to break down the benefits and the 10 series tailored to each person in a way that makes sense. Super informative and willing to answer any questions/concerns. Not only engaging during the session but encourages integration and provides summaries/reading materials based on each session. Amazing experience so far!
Adriana A.
Kian is absolutely AMAZING! I've had rolfing done before in the past by another certified rolfer in the Austin area that had left me with a not so pleasant experience (though that was due to the nature of the rolfer I went to, the rolfing itself was good), but Kian completely changed that and I've definitely found me a rolfer I'm keeping. I just completed my first of what will be a series of rolfing sessions with Kian today. He's courteous and professional and really takes the time to get acquainted with what your problem areas are, what needs to be done to those areas, and how your body responds to the rolfing treatment. If you are a sufferer of chronic pain like me, I definitely recommend going to New Austin Rolfing.
Tracy B.
I have had 5 sessions of the 10 with Kian. I have healed, expanded, and grown in so many ways. He is a true healer that cares about people. I feel very comfortable expressing and evaluating my thoughts and concerns regarding every area of my physical, mental, and emotional health. I am so glad to have found this, and very grateful for Kian. I highly recommend to everyone that seeks true healing in every aspect.
My husband and I have had two Rolfing sessions with Kian and plan to continue for at least a 10 series. Kian is conscientious, thoughtful, skillful and overall great at what he does. My husband and I have noticed less tension and more flexibility in the areas where Kian has worked. We look forward to more sessions in the near future. Highly recommend!
Kate H.
Great rolfing experience with Kian. He was professional and explained what he was doing. Some soreness today, but much less tension. I'm going back next week. I would definitely recommend him!
Kathryn B.
I've had a couple of rolfing sessions with Kian now.  He is an incredibly talented rolfer.  He explains each step of the process and encourages you to provide feedback about what you're feeling. I am recovering from L5/S1 microdiscectomy and receiving physical therapy for a hip problem (FAI).   I usually notice a significant reduction in pain and increased mobility after each session.  He is also very intentional about aligning his work to support the physical therapy I receive.

I have been treated by a few different rolfing practitioners in the past and Kian is among the best I've worked with.
Maria B.
I had my first rolfing session with Kian this past weekend and I am already feeling a difference. Rolfing has always sounded kind of scary and painful, but I am pleased to report that this was not the case at all for me. I am already seeing a reduction in pain and stiffness, and my posture is even different. Kian is kind, calm, professional and just has such a good vibe. He made me feel comfortable and I really appreciated how he explained each part of the process to me. I was concerned that rolfing might be too intense for me because I have fibromyalgia, but it actually seemed to help a lot of the areas that are extremely painful and tender for me. I am eagerly looking forward to doing the rest of the ten series with Kian.
Austin M.
I believe Kian is just starting his practice in Austin, but I was impressed with his passion and knowledge of the work. His hands communicate a lot of strength, but kindness as well, and a very strong warm energy. I liked how Kian listened to my concerns and observations. The work felt very collaborative. He brought some new perspectives to Rolfing for me, I feel like Kian would be a great choice to start a 10 series and to build an on-going relationship for care.